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As a research university, Özyeğin University always opens new horizons and presents new opportunities for students to enable them to discover their true competencies. In a quest to have its graduates stand out and be one step ahead of others, Özyeğin offers an innovative education model that adds value to its students. Özyeğin University’s primary mission is to prepare its students to be resourceful graduates in the world of business, making sure that they know more than one foreign language, acquire new skills through social activities, continuously develop themselves, expand their global vision before graduation through international internship or exchange programs, and always be at the service of society.

Foundation History

The Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Foundation began its efforts to establish Özyeğin University in the fall of 2005. The foundation for Özyeğin University entailed comprehensive surveys conducted with more than 500 subjects including businessmen, faculty members, and university and high school students, in addition to a study on "Developing Sectors and Professions in Turkey and in the World". Based on the results of these studies, ARAMA Consulting began the designing process. The University’s fundamental values and vision were discussed and identified in collaboration with all of the stakeholders. Özyeğin University shaped its vision through a series of workshops. More than 300 participants attended these workshops, including businessmen, faculty members, university students, and new graduates.

In line with its collectively-shaped vision, Özyeğin University was officially established on May 18, 2007 to serve as a unique university that would contribute to social development through its modern education system, innovative structure integrated with life, academic approach intertwined with sectors, and academic programs tailored accordingly.

Özyeğin University welcomed its first students on its Altunizade Campus in September 2008, and opened the doors of its Çekmeköy Campus in September 2011.

Çekmeköy Campus

The Özyeğin University Çekmeköy Campus is a quiet, peaceful, and tranquil university campus. Created by a leading architecture firm, which also designed the buildings of the University of Cambridge and Princeton University, the OzU Çekmeköy Campus is Turkey’s first LEED-certified campus. Situated on 280,000 square meters of land, the campus offers all the amenities and facilities necessary to foster students’ academic development, and their exposure to social, sportive, and cultural events, through its quiet and comfortable study rooms, modern classrooms, and laboratories, 15,000 square meter Athletic Center, 2,600 square meter library, and its two auditoriums with a 350- and 372-person capacity, respectively.


We are a financially accessible and entrepreneurial research university. In all of our programs, we aspire to be recognized nationally and internationally as one of the top ten in Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and one of the world’s 200 best. Our graduates will be known for making an immediate difference for their employers.


Özyeğin University’s mission is to create, share, and apply knowledge in the service of society. Our applied research agenda creates useful knowledge. We share our knowledge through our educational programs which transform the lives of our students. Application of this knowledge generates economic benefits to society through start-up and spin-out companies, and through improved efficiency and productivity for existing companies.

Basic Values

The leading values of Özyeğin University are freedom, flexibility, multidimensionality and accessibility.

  • The university will be an advocate of academic freedom and institutional autonomy.
  • The university will provide extensive flexibility to students, staff members and the institutions with which it cooperates. With characteristics such as flexible structures, dynamic programs and freedom in the choice of courses, the university shall provide its students and researchers with the possibility to adapt to rapidly changing business life as well as education and research opportunities which can be customized in accordance with individual differences.
  • The university will adopt a multidimensional approach which will offer different possibilities and characteristics, and develop an environment including different cultures and points of view. The university will evolve in an environment of diversity by providing different opportunities for intercultural exchange, and supporting creativity, learning and discovery. In this context, great importance will be attached to international exchange programs for students and professors and international academic cooperation.
  • With an effective operation and financial support model, the university will be financially accessible to students from various segments of Turkey and the region. Thanks to an effective scholarship system, the university will provide opportunities for brilliant and successful students whose resources are limited; in addition to this, within the framework of an innovative credit system, it will create opportunities for the students who are willing to undertake financial responsibility for their studies.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Özyeğin University hires academic and administrative staff and admits students regardless of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity in the administration of its educational and employment policies, its scholarship conferment, or any university-sponsored programs.


Orman Sokak

Çekmeköy Campus Nişantepe District,
Orman Street, 34794 Çekmeköy

34794 Orman Sokak, Istanbul, Turkey

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