Khon Kaen University International College


The New International College of Khon Kaen University believes in the innate ability of humanity. This idea permeates the culture at IC of KKU. We ensure that the innate worth of all individuals at our college is recognized and that their full potentials are realized through mutual respect and cooperation.

Student-teacher mentorship program

IC of KKU offers students added support and guidance for their personal growth. Our Mentorship Program allows students and teachers to meet bi-weekly in order to set educational, moral, and social goals. Our students become active agents in their own learning.

International students

Students from many different countries attend KKU. There are opportunities to learn about diverse international cultures and establish friendships worldwide.

Effective student/teacher ratio

With a limited enrolment of 200 students in our first year, IC of KKU fosters a diverse, yet a unified sense of community in a micro-school setting. Students receive the personal attention they require to meet their educational and social needs. We provide an environment that respects individual learning styles.

Healthy community partnerships

To support the communities we serve, IC of KKU will maintain partnerships with organizations and departments of the University and also other sponsors of activities of KKU. These and other partnerships benefit our students by providing them with worthwhile extra-curricular community experiences.

School days

At IC of KKU students have a great deal of fun. We provide frequent and safe opportunities for the release of energy with a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities. At all levels, field trips, group work, guest speakers, and exposure to the performing arts enrich the curriculum. IC of KKU provides an atmosphere where the students are the most important element. We offer young people an opportunity to succeed within a safe and structured environment. In and out of class, students are challenged to develop their skills and interests, to test their strengths as leaders and organizers, and to explore as many fields of endeavor as possible. We provide a climate that enables students to find facts, weigh evidence, draw conclusions, determine values, and open their minds to new information and perspectives. Staff members make sure that the curriculum and teaching methods meet individual student education needs. They provide a personalized, continuous, and constructive evaluation of student work, along with regular teacher-student sessions of support and feedback.


Khon Kaen

8th-9th Floor, Information Center Building, 123 Mitraphap Rd.
Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen, Thailand