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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (UM FERI)

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (UM FERI) is an internationally recognized, ambitious technical Faculty, which transfers top technical knowledge successfully into the industry. It is the largest Faculty of the University of Maribor with about 2,000 full-time students, over 9,000 students have graduated, and almost 300 Ph.D. theses have been defended.

The constant development and supplementation of Study Programs represent a dynamic process addressing new social challenges, societal needs, and scientific advancement. Programs implemented under all three cycles facilitate the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and relevant professional competences, ensuring excellent career prospects at home and abroad.


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Bachelor (first-cycle) Programs encompass compulsory industrial placement, enabling students to acquire the knowledge required for independent problem-solving. Master’s and Doctoral students may participate in basic and applied research conducted by internationally recognized scientists working at FERI. Students may enroll either in Vocational Programs focusing on practical training and early employment, or internationally comparable Academic Programs facilitating the transition to Master’s (second-cycle) and Doctoral (third-cycle) Programs.

Irrespective of the type of study, contents of Programs conducted by FERI encompass the most popular disciplines of modern technological development in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Media Communications, Telecommunications and Mechatronics. As FERI is well aware of the importance of close ties with the economy and industry, annual meetings of Program Councils are organized, in order to obtain information regarding the development activities of employers and their expectations concerning the professional competences of graduates. FERI is also cooperating actively with the wider international academic community through various Exchange Programs for students and teaching staff.

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Studying at FERI is

  • F – Flexible,
  • E – Excellent,
  • R – Research-oriented,
  • I – Innovative!

FERI offers a Degree in which you will have more than just a Degree in your hands. It is an excellent life opportunity that ensures employability in Slovenia, Europe and worldwide.



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