DigiPen - Institute of Technology Singapore


As the world’s first college to offer a bachelor’s degree program dedicated to game development, DigiPen Institute of Technology has long been the top choice for students pursuing a career in the digital interactive media industries.

The performance-driven nature of the industry has set high standards and created fierce competition for students entering the job market today. In order to succeed, one must deliver unique and engaging interactive experiences to today’s audiences. This type of true technological innovation can only be achieved by those who have a deep, fundamental understanding of the complex relationship between user and experience.


Singapore is now home to DigiPen’s first international campus. The Singapore campus was established at the invitation of the Singapore government as part of the country’s initiative to build the island into an education hub with the vision of turning it into a “Global Schoolhouse”. DigiPen’s presence will also contribute to the Singapore government’s vision of turning the island into a “Global Digital Studio.”


Founded in North America in 1988, DigiPen continues to be a leader in game development education and beyond. With highly academic degree programs taught by a world-class faculty, the Institute’s comprehensive curriculum goes far beyond just teaching students how to use art production software or specific programming languages. Through internships, team-based projects, and teaching opportunities, DigiPen students directly experience what it takes to become a successful and valuable member of the interactive media community. Learn more about the history of DigiPen.


General Information

  • DigiPen’s degree programs are all offered on-site and in person to provide students with an optimal level of instruction, support, and collaboration
  • Each degree program has an advisory committee comprised of faculty, staff, and industry professionals who review the curriculum on an annual basis for appropriate rigor and relevant content
  • Classes are offered on a semester basis
  • New students enroll once a year in the fall



PIXEL Building,
10 Central Exchange Green,

138649 Singapore, Singapore