Amman Arab University


Amman Arab University (AAU) was established in 1999 as a private (non-profit) university specialized in graduate studies under the title “Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies”. It was the first University in Jordan to offer Ph.D. programs. In 2009, the University admitted the first patch of Bachelor degree students and its name was changed to “Amman Arab University”. The university has achieved general and private accreditation by Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC) in Jordan and it is a member of the Association of Arab Universities. The University strives for enhancing the quality of education and it focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills to be active and effective member of the society. A group of scholars and academic professionals has established the university to be a beacon of knowledge and to function effectively and efficiently with high integrity at a world-class level. Moreover, there was a need from institutions of higher education for graduates with distinguished competencies to meet current and future challenges. Amman Arab University has supplied the local and national markets with distinguished and qualified graduates. The total number of students who have been graduated from the University in all programs exceeds 7000. We have 90 distinguished full-time faculty members who have graduated from reputable Universities and 522 undergraduate students and 449 graduate students. The University is located on Jordan Street-Mobis with a great view of Amman (the capital), Al-Balqa, and Jerash. The university is built on 122 acres and the buildings of the University are articulated and mixed with originality and modernity, and the location is about 12 Km north of the capital Amman. The university is modern in terms of facilities and resources to fulfill the needs of teaching and research.

Mission and Vission

Vision: A well renowned local and regional university for high-quality teaching, research, and community service. Mission: To produce graduates who are critical thinkers, creative, and lifelong learners and equipped with the skills and knowledge that enable them to compete in the marketplace and become leaders in their communities, to foster research and innovation of faculty and students and spread the resultant knowledge, to promote continuous quality improvement, and to build an effective partnership with the community.



Amman Arab University
PO Box 2234
Jordan Street-Mobis

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan