In the Department of English, our primary mission is to provide applied English language studies for the professions, and we aim to be recognised internationally as a leading provider of undergraduate and postgraduate studies focusing on professional communication. Applied English language studies include not only the acquisition of the very high level of English language skills needed to succeed professionally but also a thorough and critical understanding of the English language and a developed awareness of English communication in multicultural professional contexts.

There is a clear need in Hong Kong for graduates with highly developed knowledge of language and communication, along with critical thinking skills, who are able to contribute to a range of professional and business contexts. No matter whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, the Department of English is one of Hong Kong's key providers of graduates with the kinds of English communication and language skills and knowledge that are so highly prized by the professions.

Our programmes have innovative features that make them very popular with students, their parents and students' eventual employers, and help our students to develop the all-round skills and attributes prized by PolyU and society as a whole.

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of English

Excel in English to Become a Highly Effective Professional Communicator ... [+]

What is English Studies for the Professions? Increases your career opportunities as you become a proficient and confident English user Develops your ability to communicate professionally across media and contexts Satisfies your curiosity about languages and cultures Builds your strengths in both subject knowledge and practical skill Programme aims

Our programme aims to nurture graduates who will have:

a firm grounding in language studies which can be critically and creatively applied in a variety of business and management contexts, especially in multilingual settings; the ability to exercise judgment and develop an intellectual curiosity to work both independently and as part of a team; the potential to become future leaders and entrepreneurs excelling in communication for professional purposes; a high level of professional communicative competence in English; an understanding of intercultural communication in multilingual settings that enhances their global outlook and cultural appreciation; and the ability to apply their strong communication skills to solve real-world problems effectively in local and global multilingual professional/business settings. Programme characteristics The programme promotes the all-round development of students’ potentials to the fullest extent for the English language profession. Along with a major in English Studies, students can also take a minor in another discipline offered by the University. A variety of teaching and learning methods are adopted, including language and computer laboratory work, online English language databases, role-plays, simulations, talks by guest speakers, and workplace visits and placements. Students explore the global and cultural dimensions of the subjects studied and further develop themselves professionally through... [-]
Hong Kong
September 2020
4 years
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