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The music industry is ever-shifting and when considering the options for your education, what is more, important than making sure it gives you an advantage? When we describe dBs Music Berlin as “no ordinary school” we are talking about just that. The community, the location, the facilities, the quality of instruction, the uncompromising support… it all comes together to be an example of passion in progress. That means not only is their intense joy in everything we do together but also that together we will demonstrate how passion is the key to success.


Our newly renovated state-of-the-art facilities here in Berlin are just a few years old. But we are building off the legacy of our institution which has been operating since 1999 in the UK. In 2013 we opened dBs Music Berlin to give our students access to the diverse and established music scene found here. The variety of this scene may surprise you as well! While the German capital has a famous affinity for all things electronic, we can also say it is a hedonist in terms of encouraging a wide selection of genres and scenes.

Whether your lessons are held in our studios at the historic Funkhaus or in our main education centre in the nocturnal Friedrichshain district, you’ll get your hands on the latest gear in some inspiring places. But what good is technology without some instruction? Our tutors are industry experienced professionals active in the art scene. They will provide you with practical insights on how to use your machines and grow your own skills effectively in your career.

If you are looking for a comprehensive introduction to Music Production & Sound Engineering or Electronic Music Production & Performance, our one-year diploma programmes are perfect. These are also a fantastic way to re-energise your mission as an artist and spend an exciting year abroad.

If you are looking a high-value accredited degree, consider our (Hons) Bachelor's degrees which are administered through the University of St Mark & St John in the UK. These 3-year or 2-year fast track programmes are for those who want to dive deep into concepts, theory, technical expertise and practice.

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Want to see what we are talking about? Sign up for one of our Open Days on our website (dbsmusic.net) and come meet us in person.

Don’t have an excuse to come to Berlin right now? Find out more about the kinds of opportunities you could have with dBs Music Berlin by exploring our profile here on Bachelor Studies. Or reach out to us today by sending us an email: admissions@dbsmusic.net

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