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About UQO

The University of Quebec in Outaouais, for the pleasure of learning

Considered as a university whose human dimension facilitates learning and reflection, the University of Quebec Outaouais (UQO) has grown, evolve and adapt its programs to the rhythm of the needs of its customers while taking into account the characteristics of the region.

With its membership of the Université du Québec network, UQO can count on the educational resources and common services of the largest university system in Canada.

Located in Gatineau, in the heart of the Outaouais, the UQO is housed in two pavilions within walking distance of each other and enjoys a geographical and cultural advantage. It has the advantage of being located in a border area marked by the rich presence of two cultures that live to the rhythm of the hectic activities of the federal capital, Ottawa. Not only present in urban areas, UQO also offers services on the periphery and works to increase its presence in the regions in the coming years.

Since 2010, the UQO is also located in Saint-Jérôme in a new building of 10,132 square meters, built at the corner of St. Joseph and Labelle streets, facing the town hall. This new campus welcomes more than 2,000 students. There are classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, a library, a didac library, offices, administrative spaces, student meeting areas and ancillary services such as a cafeteria and a bookstore. spread over six floors.

Through its classes formed by small groups of students and the quality coaching it offers, UQO gives a taste to learn, build a career and make a success of its life. Not too big, not too small, more humane and more friendly! This is what attracts the 7,500 students who register from mainly the Outaouais, but also Eastern Ontario and the rest of Quebec. UQO's reputation has even crossed borders and is attracting more and more students from foreign countries.

Vision of the UQO

All the forces of our community converge in order to realize mobilizing projects that give life to our vision: "To be closer, to go further! ".

Individually and collectively, we focus our efforts in the following three strategic directions: the enrichment of the student experience, the creation of programs and the development of research as well as the influence of our university.


  • we focus our efforts on the primary purpose of giving meaning to all our actions: our students;
  • we dare to innovate in our programs, services and actions with a view to sustainable development;
  • we rely on collaboration and mutual aid to forge meaningful links and to propel us further and further.

Together, we transform the student experience at UQO.

Mission of the UQO

UQO: the highest expression of knowledge, research and creation

The Université du Québec en Outaouais, a member of the Université du Québec network, is a public French-language university and research institution located in the Outaouais and the Laurentians. In an environment conducive to human interaction, UQO, a hub for access to knowledge, trains qualified graduates at every cycle and stimulates scientific research and creation.

UQO students are at the heart of its mission. They benefit from the diversity of its programs as well as the excellence of its teaching and research thanks to experienced professors and competent staff.

UQO actively participates in the economic, social and cultural development of the population of the territories it serves through its involvement in the community. Connected to both regional and international realities, UQO is a strategic player that contributes to the advancement of society through its partnerships and projects.

Values ​​of the UQO

Surpassing oneself

UQO offers its students an academic experience that is both engaging and rewarding, based on the desire to discover, structure their thinking and develop their critical sense. At UQO, student successes, innovative staff accomplishments, and graduate successes are a collective stimulus to surpassing.

Excellence and Rigor

UQO is a successful organization where everyone is committed to the pursuit of excellence in their academic activities. UQO is a place of creation of knowledge where excellence and rigor are the norm and the reference framework from which all actions are drawn.

The Opening

UQO is a French-language university that is open to its environment and the world. UQO recognizes the importance of cultural diversity and promotes it. In addition, it incorporates an international dimension into its training activities.

Integrity and Transparency

UQO favors sound and responsible management, while remaining focused on efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve this, it facilitates the accessibility of information and the commitment of people.

The respect

UQO acts in respect for people by placing students at the heart of its mission and employees at the center of its development. It values ​​the contributions of its students, staff, graduates, and partners, and encourages collaboration and support to create an environment that is rich in human interactions.

Programs taught in:
  • French

This school also offers:


Université Du Québec En Outaouais UQO

This bachelor's degree program provides students with the knowledge, skills and management skills to conduct effective analyzes, syntheses and interventions within organi ... [+]

This Bachelor of Business Administration program provides students with the knowledge, skills and management skills.

This training will enable them to conduct effective analyzes, syntheses and interventions within organizations. A first block of the bachelor's degree in administration, common to all, will make them able to perform well the management of people, marketing, operations as well as strategic, accounting and financial management. To entrench training in contemporary issues, several key themes will be addressed in the classroom, such as the phenomenon of globalization and competition in societies, technologies and organizations with the need for innovation in permanence, as well as the ethical, media and political challenges that no contemporary leader can escape. Beyond generic skills, students also have the opportunity to specialize in a field by choosing a concentration.... [-]

Canada Gatineau
September 2020
3 years
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Université Du Québec En Outaouais UQO

This program prepares students to become computer systems analysts as well as system and software designers. To do this, they will develop skills in various fields of int ... [+]

This program prepares students to become computer systems analysts as well as system and software designers.

To do this, they will develop skills in various fields of interest in computer science: programming techniques and languages, software engineering, operating systems, information structures, algorithmics, computer networks and computer security. This knowledge will allow them to solve specific computer problems by determining the needs of users, the nature of the tasks performed by the system or software to create and all the steps associated with its design and implementation. In addition, this training will enable them to install and maintain software as well as to train their users.... [-]

Canada Gatineau
January 2020
3 years
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