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The University of Marilia (Unimar) has over half a century dedicated to the training of highly qualified professionals to work in the labor market. Today stands out as one of the leading educational institutions in the country and will be in the third millennium the largest private educational university in Brazil.

With proven experience, these coming years as a generator center of knowledge, transmitting them to several generations and forming leaders in various fields.


The institution came in Marilia, in 1938, when the city - with only 9 years old - already had prospects for commercial development, industrial and agricultural, including surprising increase of population indices.

On this occasion, Professor Glicério Póvoas managed the creation of Alta Paulista School of Commerce, then called Academy of Marilia Commerce, which installed the course of Economics. Later on December 30, 1956, led to the Association of Marilia Education today maintains the Unimar. Since then the growth was natural, following the evolution of their country.

The Unimar as a center generator of knowledge through teaching, research and extension, has been monitoring the development and participating in processes of transformation of society.

Thus, the result could not be different: the first school in 1938, with just over 50 square meters, today the institution has complete infrastructure, with one of the most modern and equipped university campus in the country.


The University of Marilia has as MISSION form the ethical and competent professional, included in the national community, able to provide the knowledge, promoting culture, the exchange in order to develop the collective consciousness in the continuing search for recovery and human solidarity.


Be a national reference institution in higher education and is recognized as propagator of excellence in teaching, research and extension.


Respect for the customer, Quality and Reliability, Commitment, Innovation, Ethics, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Safety.


Being an innovative, customer-oriented, people and results in continuous search for Teaching Quality.

Programs taught in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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Universidade de Marília (UNIMAR)

The UNIMAR Management Course began in January 1974 with the mission of promoting the integral formation of professional, enabling it to manage organizations from a system ... [+]

The course

The UNIMAR Management Course began in January 1974 with the mission of promoting the integral formation of professional, enabling it to manage organizations from a systemic view, preparing ethical entrepreneurs, socially responsible and committed to the continuous learning.

The career

The professional training received by the Administration guarantees a global vision and specific knowledge of the business world, allowing it to act in the following areas: management, advisory or consulting; commercial, industrial, financial, agropastoral, services - banks, financial etc .; hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies; cooperatives; teaching area; companies and government agencies: federal, state and municipal; hotel and tourism. In this sense, we can see that management career is dynamic, allowing you to add constantly new fields. The presence of a Management professional, whether in industry, whether in financial institutions, is still in trade, may be the asset that an organization needs to win.... [-]

Brazil Marília
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
8 semesters
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