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Yokohama City University

Yokohama City University

Yokohama City University


The origin of Yokohama City University can be traced back to the Yokohama School of Commerce founded in 1882. Since the opening of the port, Yokohama turned into a center of trade in Japan. Yokohama School of Commerce was established to develop human resources equipped with western commercial techniques. Because of its policy of complete educational pragmatism, many children of merchants in Yokohama who had a strong interest in learning attended this school. After graduation, many of them contributed to the development of the city in the front lines of the trade industry. Yokohama School of Commerce then developed into Yokohama City College of Commerce, which is the origin of Yokohama City University. Another origin of YCU is Juzen Hospital of Nogeyama in 1874. Although Yokohama was the center of western medicine at that time, there was no hospital for the citizens. Juzen Hospital was established to respond to the earnest needs of the community. Juzen Hospital then turned into Yokohama Municipal Medical College, which has developed into what is known today as the YCU Hospital and School of Medicine.


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