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Xidian University Bachelor in Business Administration
Xidian University

Bachelor in Business Administration

Xi'an, China

4 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

CNY 17,000 / per year *


* The tuition fee is 17000 yuan per academic year (8500 yuan per semester)


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Business Administration for Overseas Bachelor Candidates Delivered in English


Initiated in 1980, the education of economics and management in Xidian University had enjoyed a development of over 30 years, and currently contains extensive training in both of the two discipline fields. The host institute, the school of economics and management of Xidian University, harbors abundant resources for teaching and training, with 80% of its faculty members owning Ph.D. or master degrees. The school also serves as a teaching facility of Shaanxi Master of Business Administration (MBA) Institute. In 2008, the school started ‘all-English’ training programs for bachelor candidates, in which all courses are delivered in English expect languages, and dissertations and oral defenses are also required to be presented in English.

Our Visions

This program is designed and carried out to develop high-level talents who possess good virtue, professional competence, preeminent ability to conduct research and practice, and strong senses of professionalism, responsibility and team spirit. Equipped with systematic theories and skills of management, they are supposed to be qualified for managerial positions in enterprises, financial institutions, research institutes and government departments, and adequate to promote communications and cooperation between China and their residing countries.

Main Subjects

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic Mathematics, Money and Banking, Finance, Operations Research (OR), Financial Management, International Trade, International Business Law, International Finance and Settlement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Digital Marketing, Chinese, Chinese Culture, etc.

Duration and Tuition

This baccalaureate program requires a study span of 4 years, and the tuition fee is 17000 yuan per academic year (8500 yuan per semester).

Applicant Qualifications

1. You should be in an age between 18 and 25 and with a good health condition which meets the “Physical Checkup Standards for Applicants to Study in China” required by the Chinese government.

2. You need to possess a valid foreign passport and be on an education level equal to a Chinese high school graduate.

3. To choose all-English delivered courses, you need to have a score of or above 6.0 in IELTS tests or 80 in TOFEL tests, or be on the same English level approved in your country.

Application Documents

1. One filled and photo fixed copy of the ‘Application Form for Admission to Xidian University for Overseas Candidates’.

2. One notarized copy of your highest diploma. (A notarized translation in Chinese or English is also required if your diploma is in neither of these two languages. If you are under graduation, a school enrollment certificate is required.)

3. One transcript of your academic records (high school). (A notarized translation in Chinese or English is also required if your transcript is in neither of these two languages.)

4. One photocopy of your passport which is valid for more than 2 years.

5. One photocopy of your HSK certificate given that you have already acquired one.

6. One copy of your ‘Physical Examination Record for Foreigner’.

7. Registration fee: 800 yuan (in cash or ways of postal remittance, bank transfer).


After your documents have been censored, there are 2 optional procedures for the admission according to your conditions and program requirements.

  • Interview
  • Interview + Written Examination

The interview is regularly at the beginning of June. Our admission office will inform you of the form, time and site about the interview and examination by telephone or E-mail after your documents have been preliminarily accepted.

You shall have your admission to Xidian after you have offered us sufficient application materials and passed our tests. Later, our admission office will send you with your admission letter.

Contact Us

Admission Office of the School of International Education of Xidian University

Address: Admission Office, the School of International Education, Xidian University, No.2, Taibai South Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China

Postcode: 710071

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