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Visible Music College

Visible Music College

Visible Music College



Visible Music College is a global, spiritual community of musicians, technicians, business professionals, and educators serving the Church and society with our collective energy and talent, fostering an environment of creativity, worship, and innovation in artistic endeavors for the glory of God.


Visible Music College trains and equips musicians, technicians, and business professionals in craft and Christian character, for effective service in the music industry and in the Church.


Visible Music College is at the intersection of spiritual, professional and academic. Our three bachelor degree programs offer a rigorous education in the music business, music production, and music performance, equipping our students for effective service in the music industry and the Church. We believe that Christian musicians, producers, managers and industry professionals must be well developed equally in these three areas to find success in life, career, and ministry. Our intentionally small artist communities are focused on balanced spiritual, professional and academic growth.


Unique in Higher Education Launched in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000, the vision of Visible Music College is unique in higher education. The focus is on creating small, intentional artist communities throughout the world that emphasizes growth in three key areas: spiritual, professional and academic. Visible expanded to Chicagoland in 2014 and Dallas in 2015 as part of the president and founder Ken Steorts’ 2020×2020 vision – 20 sites in 20 cities serving 2,020 students by 2020. From Sarah Simmons (NBC’s The Voice) to indie darlings Carolina Story, Visible alumni are on the charts, in the studio and making an impact in the church.

Academic Overview

Visible Music College is an integrated training experience that challenges students to grow spiritually, professionally, and academically during an accredited bachelor degree program. Each degree program includes a core of Bible, Theology, and Ministry courses. The integrity of the student’s spirituality is foundational to professional development, as Scripture informs how to relate to the Creator and His creation–particularly how one ought to respond to the Creator’s invitation to thoughtful, creative, and prayerful engagement in the music industry and the Church. Both the spiritual and professional development is emphasized through the rigorous college-level curriculum. Philosophically, the “why” (spirituality) precedes the “what” (profession) and the “how” (academics). All three growth areas are represented in the college’s name: Visible Music College

  • Spiritual
  • Professional
  • Academic

The integrated training is experienced through immersion and investment.

English Language Requirements

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