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UQAR Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

3 Years


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The Bachelor of Business Administration program trains future managers to take on strategic roles in organizations that are constantly evolving.

This program provides general management training and specialized training, with honors, in one of the following concentrations or pathways:

  • entrepreneurship;
  • Business Finance;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Business technology management;
  • marketing;
  • Financial services;
  • General path;
  • International specialized path.

Internships are integrated into the training of all concentrations and provide hands-on experience in the labor market.


The Bachelor of Business Administration program aims to enable students to develop their potential and acquire knowledge and skills related to the business sciences in order to use their expertise for the benefit of small and medium-sized organizations, both private and public. establish their business or continue their training at the graduate level.

Beyond the achievements of the fields of management, the program aims to train leaders whose personal qualities and values will influence the organizations and society of tomorrow.

Concentrations and pathways

  • Entrepreneurship Concentration
  • Corporate Finance Concentration
  • Concentration Human Resources Management
  • Concentration Business Technology Management (GTA)
  • Marketing Concentration
  • Concentration Financial Services
  • General Path
  • International Specialized Pathway

A personalized education

Classes in undergraduate programs include an average of 40 students in Lévis and 30 in Rimouski. At the graduate level, they gather an average of 25 students in Lévis and 15 in Rimouski.

The limited number of course groups, combined with the availability and the remarkable supervision by the professors favor the success of the studies, but also make sure that the students of the UQAR are distinguished advantageously from the provincial and national averages in the exams. professional certifications.

Practice-based training

Management Science courses offer privileged contacts with the business community and with accounting firms through conferences, industrial visits or collaborations with various companies.

A state-of-the-art trading room

The National Bank Trading Room is a replica of an environment that allows for transactions and negotiations, just as it is found in financial institutions. It includes specialized financial applications and provides access to real data from multiple exchanges, interest rates and various financial instruments. Students learn in an environment they will find when they enter the job market.

This educational laboratory is aimed at students in administration, accounting and all those who have an interest in the financial markets. It provides access to a wealth of information, including historical data on the balance sheets of companies and the various sectors of economic activity in many countries to conduct financial analysis.

Located at the Lévis campus, the trading room is also connected to a laboratory at the Rimouski campus.

A student investment fund to train the next generation in financial management

The UQAR Student Investment Fund provides students with UQAR on experience in investment portfolio management. It makes it possible to apply the concepts learned in the classroom to reality and to facilitate the entry of graduates into the labor market.

The UQAR Student Placement Fund is an initiative of students in management sciences, supported by professors and lecturers in finance.

Many opportunities for stays abroad

UQAR offers many opportunities to stay abroad for students motivated to expand their knowledge while living a rewarding cultural experience. These stays can take the form of an exchange program, a practical internship or a research stay. Several sources of funding are also available.


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