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Courses with English teaching.

In the complex and complicated economic environment in which we live, people are more and more prepared to understand and challenge the challenges that any business faces. The ability to assess contexts and to respond to the transformations to which any organization is subjected is increasingly an instrument that must be found on the list of skills of any economic graduate. Whether such a graduate intends to open a new business or work for an existing company, a Business Administration degree is a prerequisite for training and developing entrepreneurial skills. Understanding the organization's management, how this decision-making process works and how to manage assets of any kind are only a few of the elements that the proposed program proposes to give to participants, making their chances of gaining a position the labor market to grow.

The program aims to help students understand theories and best practices in the most important business areas. Choosing the best marketing strategy, the most appropriate management structure, understanding the risks that bargain for a business and their management methods, making decisions based on sound financial accounting, analyzing data, and making inferences to solve problems business are just a few elements that the curriculum provides by the curriculum.

Another aspect pursued by the content of the curriculum is to develop the students' ability to speak freely and to think critically, to analyze and use the legislative resources to support and grow the business, to position the business for which they work in a global context and to manage the challenges posed by sustainability requirements and cultural diversity.

The curriculum incorporates real case studies that develop not only theoretical but also practical skills. The interdisciplinary dimension that we wanted to imprint on this program is specific to the School of Economics at the University of Bucharest and we want to add some of the CVs to our graduates through some of the offered courses.

At the level of professional outlets, there is a wide range of students who can take into account:

  • Financial accountant
  • Financial manager
  • Business analyst
  • Portfolio analyst
  • Financial Planning Advisor
  • Agent or sales consultant
  • Marketing agent
  • Human resources manager
  • Business designer
  • Business Administrator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Marketing consultant
  • Operations manager
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Internal Auditor
  • Managerial Accountant

In the hope that the school of economics at the University of Bucharest will overcome the Romanian perimeter, I wanted to set up this program in English, on the one hand to attract students from abroad and on the other to provide Romanian students with an economic level training Occidental. In this regard, the program aims to ensure, besides the holders of disciplines and within the limits of the legal provisions in the field, to provide invited professors from the international environment for as many of the disciplines stipulated in the curriculum.

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