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University College Absalon

University College Absalon

University College Absalon


At Absalon we offer professional bachelor programmes at several campuses around the region to Danish students as well as international students.

Our programmes include social work, bioengineering, nursing, and teaching and our campuses are placed in seven cities, housing over 9000 students.

For international students we offer two full-degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology
  • International Honours Degree in Teaching

All undergraduate programmes are based on some of the cornerstones of the Scandinavian way of life, like education for all and applied research.

But, what’s unique about our programmes is that we emphasize a strong link between research and practical know-how.

Our programmes work in close collaboration with the professions that the students are studying for, giving the students theory in the classroom as well as hands-on practice.

This ensures high-quality traineeship opportunities and a constant development of our programmes, providing graduates with the skills needed to join the ever-changing job market.

As an international student you will join and experience the Danish student life here at Absalon, where we are committed to educating students to reach professional qualifications as well as personal competencies.

Students will participate in both group work and classroom teachings with lecturers at the top of their field. We study in small concentrated communities in state-of-the-art facilities and you will never be just a number at Absalon.

English is spoken everywhere, so there will always be someone to answer your questions.

Students will experience the simple and safe, yet fun and cozy Scandinavian lifestyle surrounded by the scenic Nordic nature, that for example inspired us to become one of the leading nations in the World when it comes to sustainable living.

Everyday life at Absalon is known for its friendly and informal atmosphere where students and staff work together to create inspiring and professional environments.

And we always have room for international students ready to learn and experience more.


  • Kalundborg

    Campus Kalundborg,4, 4400, Kalundborg

  • Vordingborg

    Sdr. Stationsvej 30, 4200, Vordingborg