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Universitas Jember

Universitas Jember

Universitas Jember


The forerunner of the Universitas Jember came from the idea of dr. R. Achmad together with R. Th. Soengedi and RM Soerachman who aspire to establish a university in Jember. To realize these goals on April 1, 1957, the three of them formed a committee which was named Triumviraat Committee with the composition of the Chairperson dr. R. Achmad; Author R. Th. Soengedi, and Treasurer RM Soerachman.

Furthermore, this Triumviraat Committee on October 5, 1957 formed a foundation with the name Tawang Alun University Foundation (legalized by Notary Deed dated March 8, 1958 Number 13 in Jember). The Tawang Alun University Foundation later established a private university in Jember with the name Tawang Alun University which was later abbreviated as UNITA.

Along the way, the three figures received the full support of the then Jember Regent, R. Soedjarwo. Based on the Decree of the Minister of PTIP No. 151 of 1964 dated 9 November 1964, concerning the establishment of the State University in Jember. The tireless effort since 1957 finally succeeded in becoming a reality, Djember State University was established! At its inception in 1964, Djember State University, abbreviated as UNED, has five faculties, consisting of the Faculty of Law in Jember, with branches in Banyuwangi, the Faculty of Social and Politics and the Faculty of Agriculture in Jember, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Letters in Banyuwangi. With the first chancellor held by dr. R. Achmad. The leadership of dr. R. Achmad followed by Lieutenant Colonel. R. Winoto (1966-1967), Lt. Col. Soedi Harjohoedojo (1967-1969), Lt. Col. Soetardjo, SH (1969-1978) and Kol. Drs. HR Warsito (1978-1986).


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