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Universidade Santa Cecília (UNISANTA)

Universidade Santa Cecília (UNISANTA)

Universidade Santa Cecília (UNISANTA)



Included in the select group of Excellence Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education (MEC), the University Santa Cecilia (Unisanta) reaffirms the quality of their pedagogical project of undergraduate and postgraduate, its infrastructure and the brilliant performance of their active teachers, students, alumni and staff. Only 9% of Brazilian universities are part of this group.

Since 1961, the modest school turned gradually in Complex Educational Santa Cecilia, the oldest of Santos and one of the most important in the country, with approximately 15,000 students, from kindergarten to post-graduate, and about 100 thousand square meters of built area.

Currently, the University offers 37 undergraduate courses, including traditional and short (classroom and distance) and numerous extension courses, broad sense, MBA and masters, approved unanimously by CAPES: the Ecology and Coastal Systems and the professionals in Mechanical Engineering.

The two masters meet the current needs of the country. The Master of Ecology, in the environmental field and sustainable development, and engineering, aims to train engineers for the increasingly complex demands of the pre-salt and other promising economic sectors of the Brazilian economy.

But the experience of Unisanta the master of the field is earlier, through partnerships with reputable institutions such as the interagency agreement with the Polytechnic School of USP and EU institutions.


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