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Universidade Santa Úrsula (USU)

Universidade Santa Úrsula (USU)

Universidade Santa Úrsula (USU)



USU's mission, to educate for freedom, for autonomy inspired by Christian values, through human and ethical formation, attentive to the realities and complexities of today's world, rooted in the charism of St Angela, as the Served motto (will serve).


• dissociation of teaching, research and extension, as stipulated in the Federal Constitution, as well as the training of professional staff of higher education, research and extension and the domain of human knowledge the form of the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education.

• served - "serve" is the university placed at the service of the human being, the family, society and the church, providing this service to its raison d'etre.

• FREEDOM construction and autonomy in the dissemination of knowledge.

• RESPECT to all instances of organized society.


• QUALITY in service delivery and commitment to the production, conservation and communication of knowledge and the training of competent and committed social workers.

• ETHICS applied in all relationships, a pluralistic environment where the debate is an instrument of democratic life.

• Respect for human diversity, cultural and nature preservation and dissemination of Brazilian culture.

• COMMITMENT the university community with the institution.

• Innovation and creativity subordinated to ethics.

• Dialogue with participatory management, dynamic and transparent committed to better working conditions and quality of life.

• Sustainability, efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness in the development of institutional activities with financial stability and managerial capacity of the institution.

• ISONOMY the treatment given to the Institution Units.

• Planning and continuous evaluation of university life.


  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rua Fernando Ferrari, 75 - Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro - RJ Av. Brás de Pina, 1744 - Unidade Vila da Penha, , Rio de Janeiro