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Universidade Braz Cubas (UBC)

Universidade Braz Cubas (UBC)

Universidade Braz Cubas (UBC)


Born in 1940 in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, Braz Cubas, which started its activities with a small preparatory course, currently has about 20,000 students, between classroom and distance education modalities.

Over 75 years in the market, the institution has undergone several transformations, housing, including gym courses, mid-level trade, until it reached the Faculty of Law in 1965.

Higher education, stimulated by education policy, has grown throughout the country and Braz Cubas, meeting the demands and needs of the market, continued to grow, both in physical space and social, until in 1985, the Federal Board of Education recognizes the then Federation of Colleges Braz Cubas as University.

The important news came to value the Mogi das Cruzes region and reward a long career of good service to the Brazilian education, forming competent professionals and skilled labor market.


Valuing people, awakening talents through a different learning today to develop the human being for tomorrow.


Be recognized as a teaching institution focused on learning.


Citizenship, humanization, wisdom, humility and transparency.


  • Mogi das Cruzes

    Av. Francisco Rodrigues Filho, 1233 - Vila Mogilar, Mogi das Cruzes - SP, 08773-380, , Mogi das Cruzes