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UNINORTE - Centro Universitário do Norte

UNINORTE - Centro Universitário do Norte

UNINORTE - Centro Universitário do Norte


The Centro Universitário do Norte ( UNINORTE ) was founded in 1994 under the name of Instituto Manauara de Ensino Superior (IMES) and only three courses: Administration, Technology in Data Processing and Tourism. In 1998, he expanded his work by creating the Cultural Institute of Higher Education of Amazonas - ICESAM and to implement the courses of Social Service and Social Communication with qualification in Advertising and Propaganda. In this period, UNINORTE had the fancy name of Colleges Objective.

It was in 2004, with accreditation as a university center, that the name Faculdades Objetivo gave way to UNINORTE , already with more than 50 undergraduate courses. Four years later, the institution became a member of the leading global network of higher education, Laureate International Universities (LIU), present in 29 countries and with more than 1 million students in 80 institutions, which offer online and on-line courses .

Today, UNINORTE divided into 14 academic units located in the Center of the city and has more than 50 traditional and technological undergraduate courses; in addition to offering Lato Sensu and Stricto Sensu extension and postgraduate courses in partnership with important Brazilian universities.

The academic structure of UNINORTE today is divided into four distinct schools: Business and Human; Health Sciences; Exact and Bachelor's degrees. There are important differentials for student training, such as the International Office, for exchange; the UNINORTE Companies, for internships and employment before the student graduates and state-of-the-art laboratories.

Although it is a young institution, UNINORTE already won social recognition as an important professional training institution, playing a fundamental role in this area. It absorbs in its professional profile graduates of the several courses maintained by the institution.

Its mission is to offer quality higher education for the acquisition of values, skills and abilities that allow it to exercise citizenship with better employability conditions, having as its guiding axis the search for a sustainable development model.


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