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Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics Bachelor in Business Analytics
Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics

Bachelor in Business Analytics

Maastricht, Netherlands

3 Years


Full time

Sep 2024

EUR 9,200


* for non-EU/EEA | May 1 for EU/EEA


Do you consider yourself tech-savvy, analytical, and are you excited about learning how to turn data into business opportunities and efficient business solutions? Then the new bachelor’s programme in Business Analytics is right for you!

The BSc Business Analytics programme is multidisciplinary. It combines various subjects such as data science (mathematics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence) with business and economics research (finance, accounting, marketing, information management, operations, micro- and macroeconomics, policy design). You will acquire a solid knowledge of different business domains together with data analytical skills to tackle problems in business contexts.

Why this programme?

Demand for experts in business analytics is growing rapidly. Today's managers should be equipped to oversee increasingly complex activities, whilst simultaneously staying on top of new developments within the fields of data science. This programme will give you the right set of skills and knowledge to succeed in this rapidly developing field. We are looking for students who have a pioneering spirit and open mind to drive this brand new programme to the most optimal learning experience. After the bachelor’s programme in Business Analytics at UM, you will be qualified and prepared for a variety of career trajectories or a related master programme. In fact, some of the jobs in this fast-growing field don’t even exist yet!

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