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Trakia University

Trakia University

Trakia University


Trakia University (TrU) is an autonomous state scientific and educational institution with domicile in Stara Zagora.

It was established with a decision of National Assembly on 17.07.1995 pursuant to Art. 53, p. 5 and Art. 86, p. 1 from the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and Art.2, p.1 from Higher Education Act (HEA) based on the Higher Institute of zootechnics and Veterinary medicine (HIZVM) and Higher Institute of Medicine (HIM)- Stara Zagora with the existing to them faculties and independent departments.

Later, with decrees of the Council of Ministers (CM) (№ 62/26.03.1996, № 16/27.01.1997 and № 374/15.10.1997) the Institute for increasing teacher’s qualification (ITQ) and 4 modified in colleges-institutes – 3 of medicine, in Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Sliven, also 1 technical- from Yambol.


  • Stara Zagora

    Stara Zagora, Bulgaria