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Thomas Aquinas College

Thomas Aquinas College

Thomas Aquinas College


Founded when many Catholic institutions were straying from their loyalty to the teaching Church, Thomas Aquinas College would, by contrast, strive for fidelity to the Magisterium. In place of the burgeoning multiplicity of majors, minors, and electives elsewhere, it would offer a single, integrated curriculum employing the liberal arts and sciences in the pursuit of truth and wisdom.

Thomas Aquinas College stands as a witness to its founders’ faith and diligence. The College’s ranks have swelled to more than 400 students, and a roster of distinguished faculty has expanded accordingly. While holding to its founding vision, the College has earned a national reputation for academic and spiritual vigor, becoming a model for the many new, faithful Catholic schools that have followed. Through God’s grace, it has also graduated generations of alumni who have gone on to serve the Church and society in myriad ways faithfully.


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