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Tarumanagara University

Tarumanagara University


To build its economy, Indonesia needs an active participation of entrepreneurs. They create opportunities capable of absorbing available manpower. This can start at university that plays a vital role in producing working professionals with excellent competencies and high competitiveness.

With the ASEAN Economic Community at the doorstep which opens new channels not only for goods and services but also for professional workforce, entrepreneurship can be the strategic answer. For this reason, Tarumanagara University adopts entrepreneurship as one of its major values. This characteristic has been implemented in a compulsory course named Entrepreneurship for all students.

While entrepreneurship can augment economic sectors, integrity also offers a significant contribution particularly to earning public trust. Since its inception up until today, we have been consistent in applying integrity as our top priority in fostering successful individuals. This commitment is affirmed with a spirit to develop professionalism ethos and entrepreneurial mindset, which goes in line with our vision to become a leading entrepreneurial university that possesses integrity and professionalism in Southeast Asia.


  • West Jakarta

    West Jakarta, Indonesia