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Tainan National University Of The Arts

Tainan National University Of The Arts

Tainan National University Of The Arts


The School’s establishment was approved by the Executive Yuan in January, 1989. The preparatory office was established in 1993. The name Tainan National College of the Arts was officially adopted inJuly, 1996. The name was changed to Tainan National University of the Arts in August, 2004, an important event on the school’s timeline. The school is located next to the beautiful Wushantou Reservoir in Guantian District, Tainan.

The mission of TNNUA is to nurture talents in the highly professional art fields. The School boasts a wide range of academic fields in related areas, comprising the College of Music, College of Visual Arts, College of Sound and Image Arts, College of Letters and Cultural Heritage, and Commission for General Education. It has yielded outstanding results in education since its founding. Under the influence of professional faculty and artistic environment, the School has successfully trained outstanding professional art talents in the field of art creation and research, establishing TNNUA as one of the most outstanding academic institutes which specializing in professional arts.

In recent years TNNUA has invested much effort in exploring the possibilities of combining humanities and arts with technology. It formed cross-sector alliances with local industries from the field of digital technology, and proactively showcases the School’s creative capabilities in different fields of the arts. It assists in cultural rehabilitation and the building of a local humanities consciousness through continuous efforts in work creation and research. Through art exchanges, the school connects to the global community, bringing Taiwan’s art experts onto the international stages and demonstrating Taiwan’s potential in the field of arts.


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