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Sungshin Women's University Bachelor in Korean Language & Literature
Sungshin Women's University

Bachelor in Korean Language & Literature

Seongbuk-gu, South Korea

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Mar 2024

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Department of Korean Language & Literature cultivates national identity and also globalization through in-depth learning of the Korean language and culture. Furthermore, the department enhances students' ability to be self-reliant through diverse conferences/seminars. Our students obtain hands-on knowledge through field trips and build solidarities between the lower and upperclassmen students by holding an academic festival each year. The annually published Hyangran Eomun ('Hyangran Language & Literature') summarizes all the activities held by these activities. Our curriculum organizes subjects by focusing on aptitude and levels of difficulty for different majors. With specialties assigned to modern literature, classical literature, and Korean linguistics, the curriculum ensures that students gradually build up their skills in Korean language and literature.

Educational Goals of Departments: Fostering creativity with efficient and systematic insight into the fields of classical literature, modern literature, and Korean language. Understand the value and cultural diversity of traditional culture through an in-depth exploration of the Korean language and Korean literature. Recognize social responsibility with practical problem-solving skills based on high-standard humanistic perspective through Korean and Korean literature.

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