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Personal education based on Christianity is both a starting point and the sole purpose of education at Sungkyul university. It pursues common goodness and aims to contribute to national and human prosperity intrinsically through academic research. It has concentrated on the improvement of righteous character and the establishment of a sound world view under Christianity. Especially, modern society made a highly developed material civilization. Personality education under Christianity will be driving force to overcome the crisis like the loss of humanity.

Sungkyul university aims at rearing creative experts in studies based on Christianity. To educate inventive specialists is to adopt an upright approach to learning as the most significant role of the university, the hall of intellect. It is important to produce those who possess a serious attitude to study, a concerned process in problem-solving, humble acceptance of criticism, etc. Moreover, it is essential that creativity in exploring methods and possession of proven knowledge should be considered in the light of availability. The virtue of leaders is to be skillful in diverse communication devices and apply it to each case of study adequately in future preparation for the information and communication era. Sungkyul University is dedicated to producing professionals with the knowledge and practical ability.


  • Anyang

    Anyang, South Korea


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