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SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences


Six schools in three cities: Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg. Lecturers and students from over 100 countries in almost 65 accredited German and English-language study programs. Diverse opportunities in management and entrepreneurship, media and creative industries, technology and IT, music, design, film, and text.

You are the center of your studies

Study according to the CORE Principle! Hands-on learning in small teams, step-by-step skill acquisition in 5-week blocks, and individual support from lecturers.

There is no more lecture-centered teaching at SRH. Instead, our instructors become personal learning coaches for you. Not only will you develop specialist knowledge together, but also work on improving your soft and hard skills. To do this, we rely on direct communication. Individual advice, digital exchange, and continuous feedback are important to us.

Here you learn step by step

We believe that sustainable learning is only possible if there is enough space for experimentation, games, and critical thinking. That is why we have completely restructured the classical course of studies.

  • You will work on practical tasks in small teams over 5-week blocks
    Instead of losing the overview in between lots of subjects, you completely draw your attention to a maximum of two subjects that are taught in parallel during a block of 5 weeks.
  • You will then take an exam on the subject matter of the previous weeks
    Due to the time frame of our study model, you will no longer have to deal with crowded exam weeks. With a large pool of possible examination forms (from the typical exam up to a learning diary) you can demonstrate your skills in the way that is the most well-suited to the competencies that are relevant for the subject in question.
  • You will receive continuous performance feedback throughout your entire studies
    We guide you on a professional, personal and organizational level throughout your studies. From the first day onwards, you will have qualified mentors by your side. In addition, you will get individual coaching and competent advice from our Career Service.
  • You will receive all-round support from your lecturers
    At SRH we do not practice pure frontal teaching only. Instead, our teachers will become individual coaches for you. You will not only acquire expertise and methods but also improve your personal and social competencies on a regular basis.
  • You will have time to deepen your knowledge in between each block, to retake exams, or to gain practical experience

Our Principles

Knowledge on demand? No, thanks!

Learning at eye level

Pure frontal teaching does not exist in our classrooms. Instead, our instructors become individual learning coaches for you. Together, you will not only acquire specialist knowledge but also hone your soft and hard skills. In order to achieve this, we rely on direct communication.

No fear of making mistakes

Trying out is allowed here! Even welcomed, since we rely on experience-based learning. It's not always about right or wrong, above all, it's about trying things out and getting to know each other. At SRH, you don't study for the professor or the examination office, but primarily for your own projects and your whole (professional) life.

Learning for the real world

You don't have to do countless internships after you graduate. Practical teamwork on real projects with partners from the real world will prepare you optimally for the professional world. At the same time, you will develop social skills such as the ability to accept criticism, think outside the box, and solve problems creatively. These are exactly the skills that employers expect from their employees today.

In addition, you will not only have a certificate in your hand, but also project references from real-world partners, that you can provide alongside your job applications. AND: you'll know where your personal strengths lie.

Customized tests

We work according to the SRH Constructive Alignment.

We ask ourselves:

  1. Which competencies do our alumni need on the job?
  2. Through which form of examination can they best demonstrate these abilities?
  3. How must lessons be designed so that students are well prepared for this examination?

This is why we don't rely only on classical examination forms such as written exams or presentations. In total, there are about thirty different examination forms to choose from.

For example portfolio | presentation | project work | casework | scientific poster | report

and many others

Six schools in three cities: Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg.

Berlin School of Design and Communication

Design, Communication, Illustration, Photography, Web Development or Marketing

Berlin School of Technology

Renewable Energy, Engineering, Cyber Security or Artificial Intelligence

Berlin School of Management

Business Administration, Tourism, Business Psychology, Marketing, Entrepreneurship or Supply Chain Management

Berlin School of Popular Arts

Music & Sound, Media and Creative Industry, Film & TV or Creative Writing

Dresden School of Management

Tourism & Hotel Business, Event & Marketing, Psychology & Social Work

SRH Campus Hamburg

Software Development, Supply Chain Management or International Leadership


Application Process

Your application and admissions process at SRH Berlin

We are happy to welcome you to our university! These are the individual steps of our general application process:

  1. You submit your online application via the SRH application portal. You create an account, apply for your study program and upload all relevant documents. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email.
  2. We will review your application and invite you to an interview if you meet the admission requirements.
  3. The interview takes place in person at our campus, or by phone/Skype. If your interview is successful, you will receive an acceptance letter along with your study contract.
    *Please note that for certain artistic/design-oriented study programs you may have to take an additional admission test and/or upload samples of your work with your online application. Please find further details on the individual study program pages.
  4. You then sign the study contract and send it back to us.
  5. You pay the enrolment fee (all students) and - if you are a Non-EU/Non-EEA student - the 3-month deposit.
  6. You will then receive your letter of admission.
  7. You take part in our Orientation Week and then you'll be ready to begin your studies at SRH Berlin!

Visa Requirements

If you are not a citizen of the European Union or of an EEA state (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and you are planning to study in Germany, you must apply for a visa at the German Embassy in your home country BEFORE you come to Germany. Without proof of a valid student visa, German universities are not allowed to enroll you.

Citizens who do not need to apply for a visa before their arrival:

Citizens of certain countries such as Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA can enter Germany without a visa. The same applies to citizens from Andorra, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Monaco, and San Marino as long as they do not seek employment in Germany. Swiss citizens do not need to apply for an entry visa either. After entering Germany, citizens of these countries need to apply for a residence permit (for further information see section "Residence Permit").

Citizens who require a visa for studying in Germany have to submit proof of it (or of a valid German residence permit if they already live in Germany) to SRH at the beginning of their studies in order to be fully enrolled and to receive further documents, services and lectures. This regulation does not apply to citizens who do not need to apply for a student visa before their arrival. Please note that citizens of countries that need a visa to enter Germany also need to apply for a residence permit (for further information see section "Residence Permit").

Please contact the German Embassy in your home country to find out whether you need a visa to enter Germany.

Types of visa

Please apply for a long-term national (D) visa for study purposes if you are a degree-seeking or exchange/study abroad student who is planning to study at SRH Berlin for at least one semester (6 months). Please check the validity of your national visa (90 days or 180 days) as soon as you have entered Germany since you need to convert your national visa into a residence permit before it expires (check the date of entry stamp in your passport).

Some of you (exchange students in particular) might receive a national (D) visa that is valid for up to 12 months instead of a 90-day national (D) entry visa. Non-EU citizens who will stay in Germany for less than one year may obtain such a visa. Since it should cover the entire period of your stay, you won't need to apply for a residence permit after your arrival in Germany, which will save you time and effort.

Attention: the short-term (C) Schengen visa is only valid for up to 90 days (for touristic purposes or short courses only) and is not valid for your studies in Germany and cannot be changed to a residence permit.

If you are a citizen that does not need an entry visa for Germany, you need to apply for a German residence permit within the first 90 days after your arrival in Germany (please check the stamp in your passport).

Required documents

In order to be able to apply for a student visa, you need an acceptance letter from a German university. The other documents that are required to obtain a student visa include a valid passport, a current photo, proof of financial support as well as some additional application documents.

Almost all students who are applying for a visa must provide proof of their financial means in order to apply for a national visa. They must prove that they are able to cover their financial expenses during their studies in Germany. There are various ways to prove that you can finance your studies.

The following forms of proof are possible:

  • Your parents can submit documents certifying their income and financial assets.
  • Someone with permanent residence in Germany can guarantee to the Foreigners' Registration Office that they will cover your expenses.
  • A security payment can be deposited into a blocked account.
  • You can present a bank guarantee.
  • You can present a scholarship award notification from a recognized scholarship provider.

Bear in mind that visa rules and regulations can differ considerably from country to country. It is known that in some countries, a blocked bank account is the only financial proof that is accepted. Therefore, it is crucial that you contact the German Embassy in your home country as early as possible.

Scholarships and Funding

How to finance your studies at SRH Berlin

Education fund, student loan, or scholarship? There are many ways to finance your studies. We have put together some information to help you find a suitable financing option.

Please note that a lot of the options are only available to German or EU citizens since they require a guarantor with EU citizenship or a permanent residence permit.

Financing options for your studies

  • Scholarships
  • BAföG & Kindergeld | PR required
  • Education funds | PR required
  • Student loans
  • Working while studying


  • Berlin

    Ernst-Reuter-Platz,10, 10587, Berlin

    • Dresden

      Georgenstraße 7, 01097, Dresden

      • Hamburg

        Esplanade 6, 20354, Hamburg