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Southern Arkansas University Bachelor in Business Administration
Southern Arkansas University

Bachelor in Business Administration

Magnolia, USA

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The expanding global economy offers a wealth of opportunities for today’s business majors. Firms worldwide are looking for bright, motivated employees with the skills needed to make their business successful. The fundamental concepts of a business degree give students valuable insights into today’s complex market.

Most business majors will choose a traditional field of specialization such as Marketing or Finance. However, others may wish to couple the core concepts of business with specialized skills in fields outside those of the traditional business degree. For these students, the General Business Major is a great fit. General Business students may choose to minor in Fire Science Management.

Learning Goals

  • Graduates from the College of Business can communicate effectively.
  • Our graduates are prepared to be socially responsible citizens.
  • Our graduates can think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions.
  • Our graduates can use technology effectively in their fields.
  • Our graduates have content knowledge in their chosen fields and the necessary skills to be successful.

Major in Business Administration: General Business (BBA) – 120 hours

  • University General Education 35 hours
  • Business Core Curriculum 54 hours
  • Minor Field* 15-21 hours
  • Upper-level Business Electives 6 hours
  • Electives 2-8 hours
  • University Requirements, GSTD 1002 2 hours

*including at least nine hours upper-level courses

Note: Business majors may not take FIN 2003 Personal Finance or ECON 2103 Principles of Microeconomics as part of their general education requirements.

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