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Saito University College


In 1988, Mr Tetsuo Saito established the Saito Academy of Graphic Design.

He actually wanted to teach about the beauty of the Japanese language and culture. Instead, with an extraordinary entrepreneurial instinct, Mr Saito put together Malaysia’s first Diploma in Graphic Design, effectively making Saito Academy the local pioneers in design education. His vision was two-fold: 1) Educate and nurture young talents in design, and 2) Identify and unleash their passions.

Over the years, the programs and methods used have been meticulously and rigorously crafted to enable graduates to produce outstanding work and award-winning ideas that take their careers to the next level.

In 2008, Saito Security Academy was established. And in 2012, Saito Business School began offering classes. Both faculties, including Saito Design School, became part of the newly formed Saito College. Today, all 3 schools are successful entities in their own right, producing over 2000 graduates every year.

In late 2017, Saito College became Saito University College. With it came degree programs and expanded teaching faculty, and new campuses.

Mr Saito is no longer with us, but his spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship has become an integral part of the school’s culture, values and identity. Those of us who take up his mantle will continue to humbly persevere in providing affordable, world-class education in the long-standing tradition of award-winning excellence.


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