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Perrotis College

Perrotis College


The Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment & Life Sciences, a division of the American Farm School, was founded as a Laboratory of Free Studies in 1996 through an endowment from Mrs. Aliki Perroti in order to offer higher education programs for careers in the food and agricultural industries. In 2007, through a partnership with the Cardiff Metropolitan University, the College began offering B.Sc. (Hons) degrees. Today, the College offers both B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees.

As an institution of higher education, Perrotis College provides degree programs that are both research-based and practically oriented, and which respond to the public’s social, economic and environmental concerns. Perrotis College, as a division of the American Farm School, promotes equal opportunity for all students and employees, as well as for all applicants for admissions or employee positions, regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity.


  • Thessaloniki

    Marinou Antipa, 551 02, Thessaloniki