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NORDAKADEMIE gAG Hochschule der Wirtschaft

NORDAKADEMIE gAG Hochschule der Wirtschaft

NORDAKADEMIE gAG Hochschule der Wirtschaft


The NORDAKADEMIE is not just another full-time university. Rather, it is an institution that specializes in training the Bachelor in the dual model and the Master's part-time. Our dual study program is a unique symbiosis of academic education and qualified internships at one of our partner companies (such as Airbus).

The foundation of this course of study is an employment contract between the training company and the student. This model is particularly attractive for international talents who want to live and work in Germany long-term.

Our aim is to train the skilled workers of tomorrow for Germany. Our offer is therefore less suitable for those who just want to come to Germany to study and then return to their home country. The best thing about it: Our dual bachelor's degree program is free of charge for students. The partner companies cover both the tuition fees and a training allowance of between around €1,000 and €1,500 per month. This means you can concentrate fully on your studies and gain valuable practical experience at the same time.

NORDAKADEMIE , a renowned business school, has a clear recipe for success that comes into play at two locations. With over 30 years of experience, she specializes in training ambitious individuals for the most in-demand careers in business. The training we offer is practice-oriented, with excellent study conditions and a high success rate. Our graduates have gone on to careers around the world, regardless of where they studied with us. Our two Nordic locations offer optimal career opportunities.

The theoretical part of the dual bachelor's degree programs is offered on our sustainability campus in Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein, right outside Hamburg. The practical part is completed at our partner companies. The NORDAKADEMIE Campus Hamburg, on the other hand, houses our postgraduate, part-time master's degree and further training offers. Through this combination of theory and practice, we are able to train highly qualified professionals who are ready to succeed in the global economy.

Campus Features

The NORDAKADEMIE sustainability campus in Elmshorn

The NORDAKADEMIE University of Economics in Elmshorn near Hamburg is located on an area of almost 18,000 square meters and is characterized by a spacious, natural campus, modern buildings, an auditorium, a cafeteria and its own dormitory.

Special highlights of the park-like campus area include

  • modern technology in the classrooms
  • 24-hour access to the computer and small group rooms
  • Library with reference holdings and online access to worldwide literature databases
  • Campus cafeteria for students and employees
  • Audimax for large events
  • sports field
  • Student residence on campus
  • Study lounge
  • numerous laboratories

The campus in Elmshorn is an attractive place to study in the greater Hamburg area and can be reached on foot within 10 minutes from Elmshorn train station.

Study part-time in Hamburg

The NORDAKADEMIE Campus Hamburg is located on the 5th floor of the Hamburg Dockland, directly in the Altona fishing port. As the largest private provider of master's courses with face-to-face teaching in Hamburg, the branch of the NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences offers part-time master's courses, further training, certificate courses and a part-time doctoral program.

The Study Office Hamburg organizes study operations and provides support with all questions relating to master's courses, further training, certificate courses and the part-time doctoral program.

The Study Office Hamburg team supports students in the following areas

  • Organization and implementation of the
  • Application and selection process
  • Study advice on general topics such as enrollment, tuition fees, leave of absence, etc.
  • Contract management for students
  • Appointment, time and room planning
  • Exam planning and organization
  • General organization of the study program including greetings, farewells, etc.
  • Supporting students with formal questions
  • Support and advice on stays abroad during your master's degree

In addition, the Study Office Hamburg supports the teaching staff of the course (particularly the lecturers)

  • Handling correspondence
  • Organizational support (support with travel planning, accommodation, introduction to the premises, etc.)
  • Organization and planning of courses and examinations on site


    Application process for the dual bachelor's degree program

    We'll tell you how to get to the NORDAKADEMIE in three steps!

    1. The right preparation
    2. Selection process at the NORDAKADEMIE University of Economics
    3. Application to our partner companies

    Application process for the part-time master's degree program at NORDAKADEMIE

    1. Online application
    2. Potential test: knowledge test, personality test, English test
    3. Selection interview
    4. Conclusion of contract

    Student Testimonials


    • Elmshorn

      Köllner Chaussee, 11, 25337, Elmshorn

    • Hamburg

      Van-der-Smissen-Straße, 9, 22767, Hamburg