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Northern Kentucky University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) in FINANCE
Northern Kentucky University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) in FINANCE

Highland Heights, USA

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Sep 2023

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Finance is the study of how organizations make decisions in the context of firm value maximization. These decisions involve the analysis of risk/return variables and mathematical models used to measure them. Financial managers in a variety of institutional settings are responsible for decisions concerning such things as firm expansion, dividend policy, working capital management and capital structure.

➤ Manage an investment fund that has topped $1 million. The Haile Student Investment Fund (HSIF) was initiated in the spring of 2011, growing from its initial $465,000 to a total of $1,150,000 by the end of summer 2020. The fund is managed as part of FIN 450, Advanced Investment Analysis, a selective undergraduate course that allows students to manage live investment portfolios in preparation for entering the job market, gaining valuable hands-on experience in security research, valuation of risky assets and portfolio management. The HSIF has consistently out-performed broad market indexes including the S&P 500 Index leading it to receive a Five-Star Rating from Morningstar, Inc.

➤ Internship opportunities. Internship opportunities are very diverse and are continually being upgraded through the efforts of the department’s professional advisory boards, faculty, and the college’s business experience manager.

➤ Make the world your classroom. Study abroad in countries around the world, including Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany and England, while taking specialized business courses.

➤ More options. NKU's comprehensive curriculum makes it easy to double major or minor in another area of business, such as accounting or management, to compliment the knowledge gained through the finance major.

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