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Los Angeles Academy Of Figurative Art BFA IN ENTERTAINMENT ART
Los Angeles Academy Of Figurative Art


Los Angeles, USA

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Sep 2023

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Entertainment artists combine draftsmanship, imagination, and storytelling to create the idea for inventive worlds in Animation, Live Action Film, TV, Gaming, Graphic Novels and Comics. Students in the Entertainment Art Program start with intensive foundational training and advance to traditional entertainment drawings and digital concept designs. Our professional instructors convey practical training techniques and industry advice to help guide students through the required skills needed to enter the challenging and competitive job market in the entertainment field. Our goal is to give students the ability to solve problems, articulate ideas, and be versatile in delivering a wide range of assets to future employers.

The program begins with 18 months of rigorous training in drawing, composition, painting, sculpting, and anatomy to ensure students have the foundational skill set to pursue their artistic expression. From there, our instructors work with students to develop their unique artistic abilities, focusing on digital media to help them master the advanced design concepts and storytelling skills for entertainment art.

You will learn from instructors currently working in the Entertainment Industry that can connect you with career opportunities after graduation.

You will learn concept art and design skills for movies, TV shows, video games, graphic novels, and more.

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