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Kuwait College Of Science & Technology

Kuwait College Of Science & Technology

Kuwait College Of Science & Technology


Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST) is a private university established with the purpose of providing internationally recognised undergraduate and graduate degree programs in science, technology and supporting disciplines. In fulfilling its mission, KCST not only offers state-of-the-art education but also prepares students to be leaders in the use of multidisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems.

This means that alongside the rigorous curricula in science and technology, containing significant amounts of hands-on experience and opportunities to take part in high-level research projects, courses in management, entrepreneurship and socially responsible leadership are also incorporated into the curricula in order to ensure a well-rounded exposure to the real-world of practice. In serving as a platform to create and propagate knowledge, to nurture free and open inquiry and advance modern scientific thinking, KCST's mission includes the development of lasting bonds amongst students, faculty and the community.


  • Yuzhong District

    石油路, , Yuzhong District