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Kokugakuin University

Kokugakuin University

Kokugakuin University


Kokugakuin University’s parent institution Koten Kokyusho, was established in 1882, and Kokugakuin was officially certified as a university in 1920, making it one of the first private institutions in Japan to receive such certification. Kokugakuin University has five faculties (the Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Shinto Studies, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, and Faculty of Human Development) with 13 departments, and three graduate schools (the Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Law, and Graduate School of Economics), as well as two research and development organizations. With the trend toward increasing globalization, at Kokugakuin University we believe that in order for people to understand other cultures they first need to gain a proper understanding of their own culture. To achieve our aim of fostering graduates able to perform on the world stage, we use research and education to deepen students' understanding of Japan while at the same deepening their understanding of the world.


  • Shibuya City

    Shibuya Campus 4-10- 28 Higashi, 150-8440, Shibuya City

    • Yokohama

      Tama Plaza Campus 3-22-1 Shin-ishikawa, Aoba-ku, 225-0003, Yokohama