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Kühne Logistics University BSc in Business Administration (International Management)
Kühne Logistics University

BSc in Business Administration (International Management)

Hamburg, Germany

3 Years


Full time

31 May 2024*

Sep 2024

EUR 6,390 / per semester **


* 15 July for EU applicants

** standard track: EUR 6,390 / intensive track: EUR 7,090


Add value in an international environment

Go beyond contemporary business models, and look at the world’s economy from an international perspective. With each year, the world becomes more connected creating a global economy. Products we use on a daily basis no longer come from local sources but are often shipped from all over the world. Germany’s yearly exports total up to more than one billion Euros. Companies in such a globalized environment need experts that are capable of handling international transactions. Managers with international backgrounds in marketing, accounting, finance, logistics, and communications establish the connections between companies and international markets. They become responsible for their company’s operations abroad.

Solidify your expertise

Our degree provides you with a strong foundation in aspects of business administration. Develop expertise in a number of areas through a wide range of topics such as management, strategy, accounting, math, statistics, law, micro and macroeconomics, and more. Gain well-rounded knowledge and a skill set that will maximize your career opportunities with the profile of International Management.


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