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Jalalabad State University Natural Science Education, Biology, Bachelor's Degree
Jalalabad State University

Natural Science Education, Biology, Bachelor's Degree

Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan

0 Years

Kirghiz, Russian

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Sep 2023

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The program in the direction of training Natural science education, biology, has as its goal the formation of students' universal and professional competencies following the requirements of the State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education in this area of ​​training and the development of such personal qualities in students as purposefulness, organization, responsibility, citizenship, communication, tolerance, increasing their general culture, striving for self-realization and self-improvement in the profession within the framework of continuous education and self-education.

The graduate knows the basics of modern natural science, biological, chemical concepts, laws, and phenomena for the disclosure of intersubject connections in biology, geography, chemistry, and physics; the main characteristics of the natural science picture of the world, the place, and role of man in nature; can characterize the appearance, origin, and development of the relief of the Earth's surface and the mechanisms of relief formation processes; can determine the formation of geological processes and their results, the impact on the evolutionary development, structure, and composition of the Earth; can apply general biological knowledge in the study of disciplines of the professional cycle and for the analysis of applied problems of economic activity.

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