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Ionian University

Ionian University


The Ionian University was founded in 1984, the same year as the University of Thessaly and the University of the Aegean. The university comprises five faculties and twelve departments. Its seat is in Corfu, with university units in Lefkada, Kefalonia, and Zakynthos.

The number of Departments, as well as the fields covered, indicate that the Ionian University has chosen to operate on a narrow and therefore controllable base. Ionian Academy Moreover, the dispersion of the Departments’ facilities in different parts of the urban complex of the city of Corfu, a city with a population of 40,000 residents, declares the University’s will to find its place in the structure of a city with a rich historic and architectural heritage. Since 2018, with the integration of the Ionian Island Technological Educational Institute, the university is expanding its operation with six new departments, five of them in three new locations, Lefkada, Kefalonia, and Zakynthos.


  • Corfu

    72, Ioannou Theotoki str., 49100, Corfu