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ICU International Christian University

ICU International Christian University

ICU International Christian University


From the early years of the twentieth century, Christians in both Japan and North America prayed for the establishment of a Christian university in Japan. Their long-cherished dream finally came to fruition after the end of World War II. Reflecting on the catastrophe of war, and with strong feelings of responsibility to future generations, seeking to fulfill a committee charged with the mission to establish ICU was founded.

The official decision to establish the International Christian University was taken by the University Organization Council. These leaders of the Christian church in Japan and North America held a meeting at the YMCA Tozanso in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture on June 15, 1949. The first page was thus written in the history of ICU, nourished by the wishes and prayers of those seeking to transform Japan into a country open to the world seeking to nurture individuals who can contribute actively to a peaceful future for humankind.


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