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Hsing Wu University

Hsing Wu University

Hsing Wu University


Hsing Wu University is composed of 4 Colleges: Business Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Design, and Popular Arts. The school offers 18 undergraduate and 4 postgraduate courses. In 2020, an enrollment of 9,000 students are taught by 217 full-time dedicated teachers. Assistant professors and tenured teachers account for 70% of the faculty members. The school is committed to knowledge directly applicable to it’s correlating industry to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum.

Through these efforts, we encourage students to compete in various domestic and global competitions. Our graduates of employment rate was over 95% in 2015-2020. Through academia-industry cooperation between the school and over 300 corporates, students explore the diverse intern-ship opportunities in the professional areas such as tourism, design and art, international business, management skill, research and on-site experiences.


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