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Howon University

Howon University


Howon University was founded on a spirit of values, independence, and fidelity in 1977.

Since our 21st-century knowledge-based society emphasizes constant values-clarification, advances in technology, and growing knowledge for effective engagement with and participation in the global community, we recognize the necessity for continual structural renovation and innovation regarding effective education and incorporation into the new society.

To this end, we are striving towards the enhancement of our campus community through the creation of a "Howon Culture" the development of a well-structured and beautiful campus, and the further systematization of curriculum around the needs of the global community. With a global vision, active community engagement, and a student body growing in both knowledge and personal growth, Howon University will indeed be a major contributor to the global community.


  • Gunsan-si

    Gunsan-si, South Korea