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Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU)

Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU)

Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU)


Founded as a teacher training school in 1908, Hangzhou Normal University has a history of over 110 years, which has bestowed the institution with a glorious tradition of producing first-rate teachers and educators at different levels for the whole Chinese nation. Through over a century’s development, the university has now become a comprehensive institution of higher education with a full spectrum of disciplines, covering such areas as arts and sciences, humanities, education, music, engineering, information technology, business, law, medicine, and nursing.

HZNU keeps a close eye on the Belt and Road Initiative and follows closely what is going on globally. The University, which is among the first to be accredited by CEAIE for international student education,co-runs a Confucius Institute in partnership with Middle Tennessee State University in the United States. Friendly ties have been established with over 70 renowned universities around the world, confirming its belief that openness and inclusiveness should be the tone for international exchanges.


  • Hangzhou

    NO.2318, Yuhangtang Rd, Yuhang District, 311121, Hangzhou