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邯郸学院is a public full-time general undergraduate college located in Handan City, Hebei Province, a national historical and cultural city, a national excellent tourist city, a sacred place of Tai Chi, and the capital of idioms allusions. The school history began with the Handan County Junior Normal School established in 1905. In 1982, it was upgraded to Handan Teachers College. In 2004, it was upgraded to an undergraduate college and named邯郸学院. Undergraduate enrollment began. In 2012, it passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment by the Ministry of Education. In 2016, it was listed as a construction unit with the right to grant a master's degree in Hebei Province. In 2017, it passed the undergraduate teaching review and evaluation of the Ministry of Education. The school has 1028 faculty members, 332 professors and associate professors, and 656 doctors and masters. There are 28 national high-level talents such as State Council Special Allowance Experts and National Excellent Teachers, as well as 28 provincial and ministerial high-level talents. There are 18,702 full-time undergraduate and junior college students and 9,758 adult education students. There are 20 secondary colleges (centers), 63 undergraduate majors, involving 9 university disciplines. The campus covers an area of 1192.6 acres and a building area of 559,500 square meters. It is an advanced unit of national greening model and a civilized campus in Hebei Province.

邯郸学院takes the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality, adheres to the service orientation of "based on Handan, serves the society, inherits cultural education, and integrates industry", and comprehensively implements "creating a harmonious environment, focusing on content construction, focusing on collaborative innovation, and taking characteristics. The basic strategy of "Road" has promoted the rapid development of the school's career. The school has 1 national-level characteristic major, 1 national-level first-class course, 3 provincial-level key development disciplines, 7 provincial-level first-class majors, 4 provincial-level first-class courses, 27 national and provincial quality engineering projects, provincial-level There are 4 teaching demonstration centers, which have won 8 teaching achievement awards in the past two sessions, 7 provincial-level scientific research platforms, 11 municipal-level scientific research platforms, and 46 provincial-level and above awards including the Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.


  • Handan

    Xue Yuan Bei Lu, NO. 530, 056005, Handan