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George Brown College Honors Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics)
George Brown College

Honors Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics)

Toronto, Canada

4 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

CAD 20,915 / per year



Learn how to transform complex data into easy-to-understand, actionable information and leverage it for sound decision-making. This interdisciplinary Business Analytics degree program blends courses in business, leadership, liberal sciences, dashboarding technologies, and analytical techniques. By working with various types of data, students will improve their key critical thinking approaches, strategic and insightful leadership, and management competencies. Businesses around the globe have access to an infinite amount of data and are looking for candidates who are ready to assess, decipher and evaluate this information. Our graduates will be ready to contribute and be part of the solutions for these organizations.

Why study in the Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics) program at George Brown College's Centre for Business?

The Centre for Business has an established reputation for business education that focuses on critical thinking, innovative solutions, leadership, and entrepreneurial mindsets, and engaging with the latest technologies. Our faculty bring a combination of professional experience and advanced education to offer course content that is always evolving and reflective of trends in industry and academia.

  • The School of Management supports academic programs and industry projects such as:
  • Analytics Hub
  • Homology (human-technology) Lab
  • Consulting Hub
  • Enactus (social innovation platform)

Why the Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics)?

Businesses have access to an abundance of data, creating opportunities for our graduates throughout high-demand sectors such as banking, government, pharmaceutical, finance, health care, and telecommunications. In order for business leaders to make better decisions, they need analysts with a superior ability to interpret data from multiple sources. How do you ensure the appropriate data will be most effective for making optimal decisions? When do you involve human judgment? How do you tell a compelling story from the data? What are some of the most practical applications of current analytics technologies?

In this business analytics degree program, you will learn an applied framework that incorporates business intelligence models, data management, data insights and frameworks, data science-based decisions, and value creation opportunities to build strong confidence when data is used for increased effectiveness in decision-making. Drawing on global experiences, your professors will prepare you for an analytics role not just in Canada, but in any country on the planet.

Upon completion of the program, you will know the differences between various analytics approaches and be able to identify the most appropriate ones for your situation. More importantly, you'll know how to tackle big data and leverage it for better business decision-making and outcomes.

This program focuses on skills development, technical and otherwise, including analytic understanding and dissemination for various business uses. A bold mix of skills – including some programming using the latest software, applied statistical comprehension, and database understanding – will be explored in the context of organizational data requirements.

Your Field Education Options

The program includes:

  • Work-integrated learning experiences that amount to no less than 14 weeks of full-time equivalent work (420 hours), either in one block or in multiple cumulative blocks appropriate to achieving the program learning outcomes.
  • Students will engage with employers on projects that include:
    • Development of reporting dashboards with drill-down analytical capabilities
    • Predictive model development
    • Marketing research
    • Customer segmentation development
    • Customer relationship management campaign design and implementation


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