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Fo Guang University

Fo Guang University

Fo Guang University


Fo Guang University is a university founded by Master Fo Guang Shan Xingyun. It is also the first university in Lanyang. The campus is located on the hill of Linmei Village, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County. It is about 430 meters above sea level, from which you can have a broad bird's eye view. The Lanyang Plain and Guishan Island hanging in the open sea. The aura of the mountains and rivers of the campus, simple classroom equipment, small class teaching system, and the best teacher-student ratio in the country, create the best learning environment for you.

Fo Guang University was approved in 1993 to start its establishment. After seven years of hard work on Linmei Mountain in Jiaoxi, it was founded in 2000 as the "Foguang College of Humanities and Social Sciences" to recruit students. The University Department has officially recruited students since 2002 and adopts small-class teaching. , Each department mostly enrolls 30-40 students. The school was renamed "Foguang University" in August 2006. At present, Fo Guang University has 15 departments under the jurisdiction of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management, Creative Technology, Lohas Industry, and Buddhism (except for the Department of Health and Vegetarian Industry, all of which have masters Classes), among them, the Department of Chinese Literature and Application and the Department of Buddhism also have doctoral classes.


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    Yilan City, Taiwan