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Faculdade Senai-Cetiqt (SENAI-CETIQT)

Faculdade Senai-Cetiqt (SENAI-CETIQT)

Faculdade Senai-Cetiqt (SENAI-CETIQT)


SENAI Institute of Technology (IST) Textile and Confection CETIQT SENAI is the largest Latin American center of knowledge production applied to the textile and clothing production chain.

The dynamic connectivity formed by the interrelationship of the areas of Education, Innovation, Applied Research and Technology allows the IST SENAI CETIQT offer the textile chain and making the best technology, laboratory services, human resource training, consulting and innovation projects .

The high standard of performance and intersections of these lines of action add value to each other, enhancing both the generation and supply of technology and innovation services, targeted to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian industry.

The IST SENAI has CETIQT environments and complete laboratories for teaching purposes and services. Its pilot plants reproduce the industrial production environment, making it possible to develop innovation projects in process and product, as well as promoting the development of integrated educational projects. Always monitored by a highly specialized faculty, form the most sought after and respected professionals in the market.


Behind every successful business for a number of prospective studies and research that support not only the companies of the production chain, but also to its own product in Education, Technology Services and Innovation.


With flexible educational strategies and cutting-edge technology infrastructure, IST SENAI CETIQT offers initial training courses and continuous technical, undergraduate, extension and graduate in classroom methods and e-learning (distance), with national service Network, through the Regional Departments (RDs) of SENAI in each state, plus the specially formulated and targeted programs to industry needs across the country.


  • Rio de Janeiro

    R. Magalhães Castro, 174 - Riachuelo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20961-020, , Rio de Janeiro