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European School of Economics Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
European School of Economics

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

3 Years

English, Italian

Full time

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EUR 16,000 / per year *


* Milan, Rome, Florence & Madrid Campuses: € 16.000,00 | London Campus: £19.000,00 | *Prices may be subject to change according to the centre of study.


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The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Administration aims to develop pro-active decision makers, managers and leaders for a variety of careers in business sectors in a global context. The programme focusses on innovation, creativity and leadership, making it a varied and challenging journey towards awareness of one’s own professional skills and abilities.

A grouping of essential core subjects is uniquely combined with the study of a language, two integral internship placements, integrative workshops and the choice of three specialisations in management, marketing and finance. A distinctive constellation of interlocking subjects ensures that each student receives the knowledge and the analytical, creative and quantitative expertise needed to be able to manage people, resources and information in a dynamic business environment. With these key skills, ESE students are more attractive to employers and know how to enable companies to achieve their goals and objectives in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Students will also have the added advantage of being able to pursue the BSc in Business Administration in any of the ESE campuses, whether London, Milan, Florence or Rome. They will have the unique opportunity to transfer between campuses on a per term or per year basis, experiencing the same programme in multiple international contexts and cultures.

Key Components of the BSc in Business Administration

  • A choice of three specialisations – Management, Marketing, Finance
  • Two internship placements selected from companies worldwide
  • The possibility of transferring between campuses in London, Milan, Florence and Rome on a per term or per year basis
  • Compact class sizes which enable faculty to provide the individual attention needed to help you discover your special skills and succeed in your chosen pathway
  • Starting dates in September and January
  • Academic credit for foreign language modules which will increase employability
  • Additional workshops and guest lectures that provide the knowledge, skills, practice for maximum personal and academic development

What makes ESE a great place for students?

  • A personal and tailored learning experience - at ESE you get an individual and exciting experience thanks to the small class size and excellent student/teacher ratio
  • “The Dream is the most real thing there is” – ESE students develop a unique academic and professional pathway through their selected course specialisation and internship placement
  • Pragmatism – hands-on experience in contemporary business practice through the comprehensive internship programme
  • Internationality – student body originating from more than 60 nations and study abroad with ESE centres worldwide
  • Specialisation in cutting-edge business sectors, including fashion, events, music, sport, art, media and human resources among others
  • Great internships – ESE students can select from more than 1500 leading organisations around the world

Graduates from the BSc in Business Administration possess:

  • Strong analytical skills and the capability to identify and assess strategic opportunities that may benefit an organisation in both the domestic and international market
  • A solid understanding of the global business environment, trading systems, and geo and socio-political influences on investments, trade, and the economic landscape
  • The flexibility and creativity needed to address challenges presented by a rapidly changing international business environment
  • Cross-cultural communication skills, which will enable a graduate to manage people, resources and information across cultural boundaries
  • ESE´s unique business philosophy rooted in concepts of wholeness and integrity, which guide the student towards an increased level of self-awareness and responsibility
  • Excellent preparation for postgraduate study
  • Truly international experience with students from around the world and with six campuses to choose from; an invaluable opportunity to learn, network and make friends for life

Course Programme

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSc Hons) is a three-year, full-time course. All of the ESE undergraduate Bachelor degree programmes are taught in English and have a standard 360 UK/180 ECTS credit structure. Completion of the programme requires:

  • Study of a foreign language
  • Two internship placements
  • Choice of one specialisation in either management, marketing, finance or media and communication
  • Final Project related to the chosen specialisation
  • Full-time compulsory attendance

ESE's Internship Programme

We believe that anyone can realize their dreams and have the ability to do what they really love. From the very first year of study, ESE students, therefore, have the concrete opportunity to proactively move towards their professional goals and target their objectives. While developing a range of marketable skills and competencies, internships will furthermore allow students to:

  • apply course knowledge in practical situations within the work environment
  • bridge the gap between undergraduate study and the labour market
  • develop inner qualities and gain a practical understanding of the concept of individual responsibility, according to which external events are projections of one’s own inner state
  • test individual career plans by obtaining experience in a chosen field, and thus helping one to better understand what it is that they really love to do
  • develop a professional network and assess internship providers for future employment opportunities.

Working in collaboration with more than fifteen hundred leading international companies, including some of FORTUNE’S 100 Best Companies to Work For, the European School of Economics offers one of the most competitive university internship programmes available today.

Many students are offered jobs even before graduation. The Internship Department plays a crucial role in assisting students to identify their objectives and learn how to exert their full potential. It provides personalized and challenging internship placements worldwide at all ESE campuses.

Entry Requirements

Entrance into the Bachelor degree programme at ESE requires the submission of the following documents to the Admissions Office at the ESE centre of interest:

  • Completed Online Application form
  • Official copy of the school leaving certificate or diploma *
  • Official copy of the secondary school transcripts*
  • One Recommendation Letter
  • 6.0 IELTS, 79 IBT TOEFL or 213 CBT TOEFL** or Pearson English Qualification (TOEFL cannot be used for VISA PURPOSE in the UK)
  • Photocopy of Passport/ ID document
  • Four photographs (passport-sized)

Applications arriving without the appropriate fee will not be considered.

*All non-English documents must be officially translated

**ETS Codes for the European School of Economics (for the TOEFL exam) vary by location: ESE London is 15977, ESE Rome is 11610, ESE Milan is 15974, ESE Florence is 15976 and ESE Madrid is 8833.

English Proficiency

Candidates who have completed their studies in the English language (at least 2 years) are not required to present a language quali£cation (TOEFL, IELTS or Pearson).

Transfer Admission

Courses deemed equivalent to those in the chosen E.S.E. degree programme may receive transfer credit.

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