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European School of Economics BSc (Hons) Business Administration: Marketing
European School of Economics

BSc (Hons) Business Administration: Marketing

3 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 22,000 / per year



Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing at the European School of Economics. This program is a gateway to the dynamic and evolving world of marketing, where creativity meets strategy, and where your vision can shape the future of brands and consumer experiences. Our course is crafted for those aspiring to be innovative marketing leaders and strategists in the rapidly changing global business landscape.

Dive into the World of Modern Marketing

In the BSc in Business Administration: Marketing, you will not only study the fundamentals of marketing but also delve into its ever-evolving nature. Marketing today is not just about selling products; it's about creating stories, building brands, understanding digital landscapes, and engaging with diverse audiences across the globe. Our programme is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of these aspects, empowering you to make an impact in various marketing roles.

Endless Opportunities in a Diverse Field

The field of marketing offers a plethora of opportunities, from digital marketing and social media strategy to brand management and market research. As the business world becomes increasingly digital and global, the demand for skilled marketers who can navigate these changes is on the rise. Whether your interest lies in the creativity of advertising, the analytics of market research, or the strategy behind brand development, this programme offers the breadth and depth to explore your passions.


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