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ESADE Business School Double Degree in Business Administration + Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order
ESADE Business School

Double Degree in Business Administration + Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order

5 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 22,200 / per year *


* *esade may update annually their prices - but such increases shall not exceed the annual rate of inflation


Would you like to be an expert in Management and Global Politics or Economics?

In a globalized world, knowing how to analyze geopolitics, economics, and international relations makes a big difference in business decision-making.

Join this double degree program and become part of a new generation of business leaders: an expert in management with the ability to understand and respond to the political and economic issues facing companies and institutions around the world.

Why study for a BBA + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order double degree?

  • Double qualification: Business Administration (BBA) + Global Governance.
  • Multidisciplinary education
  • Specialization Track: Economics or Politics
  • Capstone Strategic Consulting
  • The most international double-degree
  • Multicultural Campus + Rambla of Innovation
  • Internships
  • Learning by doing

Global Politics or Global Economics: Choose your track

With the Esade Double Degree in Business Administration and a bachelor in Global Governance, Economics, and Legal Order, you decide where you want to focus your education. You can specialize in global politics or global economics, adding extra value to your resume.

Global Politics

Understand world politics and its impact on business

It is essential for companies today to consider the geopolitical context when making investment decisions or strategic plans. With the Global Politics track, you’ll study key themes including political science and globalization, international politics, and conflict management, as well as geopolitics and natural resources.

Global Economics

Become an expert in international economics and globalization

In the Global Economics track, you’ll learn to understand how the world economy works. You’ll master the tools and models needed to analyze data and markets and add value to business decision-making.
You’ll also study essential economics subjects, such as mathematics, statistical analysis, and macroeconomics, and how to apply them to business strategy.


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